About us

In recent years, Central and Eastern Europe, and more specifically, the new EU member states, have grown in stature and are becoming increasingly relevant to North American business. This has created an increased demand among businesses, government and non-government organizations for high-quality translation to and from a variety of Central European languages.

That's where 3V Systems Inc., headquartered in Petaluma, California, comes in. Established in 1996, the company takes the hassle out of finding the right translator, providing fast and easy access to this important and rapidly growing market.

3V Systems is your first point of contact for all translation projects involving Central and Eastern European languages - but that is only half the story. The US-based company works hand in hand with MULTI-LINGUA, Inc., a European agency that has grown up with the translation business. Founded in Budapest, Hungary, in 1982, MULTI-LINGUA has consistently embraced new technologies, from early word processing and computer-aided translation tools to sophisticated terminology databases and Internet technology.

Thanks to this innovative partnership, you get the best of both worlds.

3V Systems handles the administrative side in the US, including pricing, customer service and support, project management, billing and any legal or contractual issues. Meanwhile, MULTI-LINGUA's network of specialist translators - all based in their native countries - takes care of the rest, ensuring up-to-date and precise use of language and in-depth background knowledge.

3V Systems works in close cooperation with translation service providers in Slav countries to ensure all translations are made by native language speakers.

Forging a link to Central and Eastern Europe has never been easier.

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