Translation, Certified Translation in the USA, International Projects

We deliver translation, USA-certified if required, - and all related desktop publishing services - to and from the following languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Slovakian (Slovak) and Ukrainian.

To make your life easier, our California headquarters prepares all quotes, while MULTI-LINGUA, Inc., a company with a wealth of experience in Central and Eastern Europe, provides an end-to-end translation service. What's more, 3V Systems bridges the time difference between Europe and the US - meaning you don't have to.

Quality control for translations into English is overseen by 3V Systems with the help of highly skilled native, English-speaking proofreaders. If required, sensitive or confidential documents can also be translated by our experts based in the US. 3V Systems also manages all administrative processes, including billing and contractual issues.

Whenever practical or necessary, our translators employ translation memory tools, as well as the latest word processing and desktop publishing software. This guarantees consistency, saves time and eliminates spelling and grammatical mistakes.

In addition to providing flawless translations, we ensure the finished document is delivered in the same layout and format as the source text - it makes no difference whether the original file was created on a PC or Macintosh platform.

For more information or to receive a quote, fill out our service request form or call the phone number shown under "Contact us". We are available 24/7, with representatives on call to receive your inquiry regardless of the USA or European time zone you are in.